smoothcut asked:

Hi Mandy! Thanks for the Likes. I appreciate your support, I really do. My best wishes to you - Dave

solushospes answered:

Aloha Dave!

You’re most welcome. It’s been my absolute pleasure.

Your Art is soooo spectacular! As an Artist myself, your work makes me all warm and fuzzy inside with admiration and adoration. I love your vision only a hair more than your technique/style.  Your images are very tangible but liquid-to-the-point-of-near-visible-change and I really enjoy that quality and perspective. Nevermind the variety, which I also, really enjoy despite maybe not hearting all the ones I looked at. I can be absent minded in that way sometimes.

Thank you for sharing and thanks for the appreciation, my support isn’t dependant on it, but it is always nice when the appreciation is all around.




Sometimes your Followers kind of blow your mind … Ya know?


A young twenty-something friend stopped by and since she’s a fan of my artwork I thought I’d show her my latest piece- the burning heart/ice water/Bruce Springsteen lyric. She was like-OMG that is so cool, and LOOK! The water drops are little hearts!… But who is Bruce Springsteen?
Man, it sucks getting old.